Author Da'Kharta Rising

The Incandescence of a Cryptic Enigma

Author Bio:

Although Da'Kharta Rising prides herself as the Slightly Anti-Social Socialite, or SASS, there is nothing non-engaging about the biology of what she writes. Her philosophy is somewhat of a throwback: systematically creating an air of mystery, intrigue and drama designed to keep the reader not only hooked, but using one's imagination to follow a rich plot from beginning to end. In short, Da'Kharta Rising embodies the Incandescence of a Cryptic Enigma.

Her body of work is composed of independently released works Vocal Remedy, S.K.A.R., Boundless Limits (Transcendent Choice, Book 1), and Apocawhat?. Her stories "Unrest", "Omitted", and "The Kutters" appeared in the Continuous Drips anthology, while her stories "Coalesce", "The Bunny", and "The Chronicles of Aidan" were part of Concordant Vibrancy 1 (Unity), Concordant Vibrancy 3 (Lustrate), and Concordant Vibrancy 4 (Inferno) respectively. In addition, her stories "Inside Me" and "Masato's Zion" were part of Divergent Inks 1 & 2.

Future projects include participation in Concordant Vibrancy 5: Extancy as well as the When Karma Speaks series.