Y. correa

Andrew Tully is about to encounter the strangest three days of his entire life. Told in first person, in this comedic short story, Andrew delineates the series of unfortunate events that plague him during these 3 Days of Plight.

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The year is 2130. Long gone are the days of high definition television and rock and roll. Mankind has entered the greatest age of technology. Vlad Kappel is a man of few words and even fewer desires, one of them being a dream to pilot the world's first time machine which he has helped to invent and build. A fan of the eons old television show Ancient Aliens, Vlad has always been intrigued by the ideas of time and space travel. When he is suddenly and unexpectedly given the opportunity to live out his secret dream the results are astounding ... and none too coincidental.

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Vlad’s travel aspirations should have been a dream come true. Yet the reality of his scholars’ teachings concerning the ancients is quite sobering. A.L.O.M. is in need of dire repair and lack of technology, industrial science and language barrier prove hefty challenges for Vlad. Will he gain cooperation from the ancients to save him from this travesty or will the final destination remain Stranded?

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At this point in his adventure Vlad wants nothing more than to get back home. However, with the advanced technology with which the A.L.O.M. was created, Vlad realizes that he is in a pickle. In order to make the A.L.O.M. run he needs fuel. Not just any fuel. Lava.

With the help of the princess Vlad endeavors to seek exactly that. It is this enterprise that leads him Underearth.

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Camielle never quite fit in. Her whole life she’s been nothing but a fly in a glass of milk—never quite coinciding with everyone and everything around her. Until, the unexpected happens. An amazing array of lights covers the New York skies, and the world is taken aback. What were these lights? Where did they come from? The answers evade even the most intelligent of people. However, to Camielle the lights were the least of the problem.

Written in the semblance of Vintage 1960’s Sci-fi, take a small trip with Camielle as she finds out what the lights really mean.


Odette seems to have a problem finding true love. The kind that fairy tales are made up of, the kind that inspires and changed a person.

Reminiscing, Odette tells us about the men she's loved and lost.


A day in the life of G isn't exactly what it seems. Although the mundane seems inevitable, there is something that G does not know.


Minnie has an enormous crush on Ryan. Everything about him makes her skin tingle. Without being able to control it, she finds herself daydreaming about him every single day.

What she would do to him if he were hers?