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All Authors Publishing House, a subsidiary of All Authors Publications & Promotions, is pleased to present its first short story anthology, Concordant Vibrancy.

Concordant Vibrancy represents the interweaving of unity and uniqueness through the eyes of eleven incredible writers. Through the array of genres, all of these talents share a phenomenal love of writing which aims to leave imprints in the reader's imagination.

Short stories in this collection:

  • "Butterfly Mask" by Nicola McDonagh
  • "Messarii's Blood Hunt" by D. John Watson
  • "Seven Days" by Harmony Kent
  • "Touch Me" by Andrea Houtsch
  • "... and we" by Adonis Mann
  • "Til Death Do Us Part" by A. Lopez, Jr.
  • "Coalesce" by Da'Kharta Rising
  • "Her A to Z" by C. Desert Rose
  • "Lester's Release" by Synful Desire
  • "The Authentic Snap" by Queen of Spades, and
  • "Alma's Unsung Angel" by Y. Correa.


All Authors Publications & Promotions is pleased to bring you the second installment of the Concordant Vibrancy collection, “Concordant Vibrancy 2: Vitality”.

This compilation of short stories and essays demonstrates the fusing of talented and sui generis works by eight amazing writers. Contrasting in genre and writing style, each piece is a wonderful representation of the theme question; What moves your spirit?

Pieces include:

  • “An Ocean of Questions” by C. Desert Rose
  • “Life Extension” by D. John Watson
  • “Barbershop” by Adonis Mann
  • “Arvum” by Harmony Kent
  • “Genomegenics” by Y. Correa
  • “Return to Hues” by Synful Desire
  • “Operation Restore” by Queen of Spades, and
  • “Letting Inspiration Take The Wheel” by Beem Weeks

Enjoy Concordant Vibrancy 2: Vitality and see what moves your spirit.


What embodies the composition of fluidity?

This is the query of the third installment of the Concordant Vibrancy collection, presented by All Authors Publications & Promotions, entitled “Lustrate”.

Nine incredible writers unite—through a combination of poetry, essays, and short stories—to produce unique responses flowing with vitality.

Works include:

  • “Unsui” by Harmony Kent
  • “Exiled” by Carol Cassada
  • “The Satiationship” by Synful Desire
  • “Twin Planets” by Y. Correa
  • “Threes” by Queen of Spades
  • “Luster Lingers” by Adonis Mann
  • “The Boo Thang Convention” by C. Desert Rose
  • “Overcome (Holy Water)” by Beem Weeks, and
  • “The Bunny” by Da’Kharta Rising



Divergent Ink is the mesh of different frames of thoughts, various interpretations of one core question that yearns for universal expansion. Although the subject matter may change every year, the purpose of the Divergent Ink series will remain the same.

The first book in the Divergent Ink anthology series, “Crackles of the Heart”, centers around the following question: Can the hot, handsome guy fall for the average, awkward woman?

Six Divergent Inks exploring "Crackles of the Heart". Will there be hearts rejoicing or hearts breaking?


  • Da'Kharta Rising: A five word invitation sets the tone for an afternoon journey. Short, provocative connectivity sizzles “Inside Me”.
  • Queen of Spades: One look from Her was all it took to put a ladies' man into early retirement. Yet, the very object of his affection has no clue of his reform. When he opts to take a huge gamble, will his fairy tale end happily ever after or be deemed a "Tale in the Keys of Drastic"?
  • Adonis Mann: The dark of night can be more than scary, it can be downright intoxicating. When pleasure meets stupefaction, a man with a secret whirls into rapture at the hands of an unknown force. To which end? Will his secret be revealed, or will he revel in the delight it brings? Nothing is as it seems during the wonderment of "Mystical Nights".
  • Y. Correa: Steampunk Earth, set in the distant future. When an ambitious city guy meets a carefree country lady, what starts out as a getaway to finish an important project turns into a interesting journey. Steam intersects and hearts collide in “The Steam of Opposites”.
  • C. Desert Rose: Terah has the misfortune of being given news that puts an expiration date on her life. In her desire to get away from the chaos, she has a chance encounter with the very one that can put the turmoil to rest. Is “Serendipitous Mirth” dumb luck, or preordained destiny?
  • Synful Desire: Bette is a hard working small town woman with simple pleasures. When visually stunning Jesse comes into the store on what's normally her day off, her mind accelerates into complex overdrive. In this small town, a lot can happen in seven days. Will one of those events serve to satisfy Bette's “Seven Days of Stimuli”?