C. Desert Rose

In the famous words of Forrest Gump, “Life is like a box of chocolates.” For Angelo, life is like a slice of pizza; juicy, delicious and worth the wait. For Sandalphon, life is an unending cycle of sameness. That is, until she meets Angelo. From staircase to stairway to heaven, Sandalphon has an Angelic Epiphany.

Angelic Epiphany.pdf

Hot and heavy declarations of love. Color coded separation of M&M's. Sprinkles of sarcasm here and there. A typical day in the romance of Fox and Tango. When disaster rips Tango from her arms will she survive the ocean of her emotional torment or will Fox drown in the waves of tragedy?

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A drop of crimson blood on a tattered black rose was all she has left of him--the guy that she loved.

Rayne remembers her days with the boy that stole her heart. Jay was the love of her young life. Future plans arose, love bloomed, time spent made their connect unique. Until the day it all came crashing down.

What happened to the love that they had?

Take a trip of wrath and remembrance with Rayne.


The Amazon Rainforest holds more secrets than meets the eye.

When folklore meets reality the only outcome can be devastating and confusing. Or can it? Edeli & Zavier want to discover if their union is meant to be For Love & Enchantment.


Years pass far too fast. This is something that Martina Foxworthy knows all too well. Sitting in her favorite chair, in her favorite place, Martina recollects her life's journey.


When can something as simple as popcorn become the tether between a life well lived and a life lacking?

When it comes to Tulip.

Tradition meets discovery when Tulip finds a place in her heart for popcorn.

An endearing tale of the connections in life, “Tulip” speaks to the heart and the tastebuds.