Author Adonis Mann

Syncopation of Ravishing Intensity

Author Bio:

Adonis Mann has a style all his own. He does not always give his characters names, as his sole intent is for the audience to place themselves in the characters world; to make the reader and the character one. Yet, when he does, it does not take away from the marvel that are his prose. Embellishing his writing with seductive verbiage makes each story unique in its own right and also makes Adonis Mann’s literature singular and unparalleled.

Dive into Adonis Mann’s world and the syncopation of ravishing intensity that is his exposition. Every story is guaranteed to beguile your imagination and soothe your hunger for a linguistic aphrodisiac.

Current Works:

1. “The Syncopation of Ravishing Intensity” An LGBTQIA Anthology

2. "Simmer: Smoothe and Sweet" co-authored with Synful Desire

3. Featured in “Concordant Vibrancy: Unity, An All Authors Anthology” with his short story “… and we

4. “Let’s Play on Valentine’s Day” a free short story

5. Featured in “Crackles of the Heart: Divergent Ink Book One” with his short story “Mystical Nights

6. “… and we” a free short story

7. “Barbershop: A Story of Home” featured in “Concordant Vibrancy: Vitality, An All Authors Anthology

8. Featured in "Pleasure Prints: Divergent Ink 2" with his short story "Odyssey of Rhapsody"

9. Featured in "Concordant Vibrancy: Lustrate" with his short story "Luster Lingers"

10. Featured in "Concordant Vibrancy: Inferno" with his short story "Express-Oh"

11. "Twin Flame Duplicity" a free short story

Future Projects:

1. Participation in “Concordant Vibrancy 5: Extancy

2. Participation in "Cynosure: Divergent Ink 3"

Aside from writing Mr. Mann also enjoys reading, reviewing, thought experiments and cooking. You can connect with Adonis Mann on Facebook or Twitter @AdonisMann1.