Author C. Desert Rose

Happily Ever After is Subjective

Author Bio:

C. Desert Rose is a writer who has an immense affinity for all things inexplicable. She is the creator of the “Fate’s Endeavor” series, which explores the realms of angels and demons and meshes them with themes of life, love and loss. The very first book in this dynamic collection, “If Death Should Love Me” was released on October 31, 2014. This was followed by the 2nd installment entitled "Demoness Enchanted".

In addition, C. Desert Rose has authored several short stories—independently released works “A Tragedy: The Short Story of Fox and Tango”, “Crimson on a Black Rose”, "For Love and Enchantment" and has contributed 4 short stories to the All Authors Publishing House “Concordant Vibrancy Collection". Two of Ms. Rose's stories can be found in the All Authors Publishing House "Divergent Ink Collection".

Ms. Rose's novelettes include "Nethanyel's Lady Lune" which explores folk lore and "From Whence Jasmine Blooms" which, through fanciful fiction, dives into the elements that create a fulfilling life.

Future projects include the next book in the “Fate’s Endeavor” series, “If Death Should Find Me”, participation in the next installment of the “Concordant Vibrancy” as well as participation in the next book of the "Divergent Ink Collection".

To stay in the know of all things C. Desert Rose, check out her website or network via Twitter @cdesertrose.