da'kharta rising

After receiving news that alters his financial future, Naju stumbles upon a shopping cart buried in rubble. Believing that it could be put to good use, he loads it in his pickup truck and takes steps to restore the cart.

Can one’s discarded trash really be someone’s treasure? Discover the answer by reading The Revival.

The Revival.pdf

Urvin and Lizzie were preparing for their weekly shopping ritual. What they didn’t anticipate was a crowded parking lot and emptied shelves of a myriad of items, especially toilet tissue. Was this world chaos warranted or a plot dealing with something more sinister? Come up to your own conclusion in Apocawhat?.

Apocawhat_ by Da'Kharta Rising.pdf

Vaser is not surprised when Mr. Choice selects him. He does have a great voice and only the best should compete to win the cash prize for the music program. Everything falls into place as Vaser prepares to deliver a vocal remedy to compose his own award winning tune.

New Vocal Remedy.pdf