Adonis Mann

Fierce decadence, blissful apex and euphoric ecstasy, all melded together in the whimsical melody that is us ... that is we! And we, delight in every second.

It is said that two is a crowd, and three is a party. In Ronan's case, three is nirvana.

Come take a trip down the sensual and sexual escapades of Ronan and his companions. "... and we" a short story of monumental impact.

… and we.pdf

Who doesn’t love a bit of kinky play on Valentine’s Day?

Take a short and personal, yet ravishing trip to some eccentric word play made just for you on Valentine’s Day.

This flash fiction story gets up close and personal and takes the reader on a one of a kind journey through an entirely sexy Guessing Game.

It’s amazing what 1000 words can accomplish!

Lets Play.pdf

In a world such as this, can true love really exist? This is the question posed in Twin Flame Duplicity. In the heart and mind of a vastly intelligent individual, lady love is embodied in the person who holds Lovebug’s heart. For Sugar-beetle, love is dubious in nature and “hard to quantify”. Can one individual be irrevocably raptured whilst the other is ambivalent at best? Find out in Twin Flame Duplicity.

Twin Flame Duplicity.pdf

Rene, who was last seen in Simmer Smoothe and Simmer Sensual, takes us through a kaleidoscope of happenstances and emotions as he comes to grips with his real feelings. Having met his match, this colorful character is Giving us some Rene Realness.

Rene Realness.pdf